The highest ever media costs. Toughening competition. And undifferentiated products. The markets have changed. So has marketing. It's no longer about saying it right; it's about saying it rightly. And powerfully. It's not about advertising. It mandates add-vertising.
The meaning of Add-vertising - Research and Strategy, Creative and Media - the 3 key faculties of brand building; Add-vertising doesn't reinvent the advertising wheel but optimizes each of them with bold innovations/additions.
Like spontaneously walking, driving or flying to the market-place for a one to one conversation with the TG.
Creatives are of course based on brand positioning but brand positioning is based, not from an air-conditioned room; but on real market-intelligence; making a credible grasp of opportunities.
When one connects to the consumer right, the consumer truly, connect to the communication. It is said (quite truly) that 50% of advertising is wasted; only no one knows which 50%. Tragic, we believe. Just why, our media plan starts as a TG (Target Group) plan; mapping their life and lifestyle to the nuances.
Creatives are subjective but when pre-tested before release with real customers and the live market (routine process in addvertisting; their impact is not guessed, but anticipated. Of course, it surprises the market.
The addvertising model adds to the communication effort at every level; but importantly, adds dramatically to the results. Hence, 'add'-vertising.